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In recent years, our university, following the national policies to meet the local needs, have founded several colleges and other relevant new departments. However, the public facilities supply is unable to catch up with the demand of such speediness development, and has caused the shortage of in-school dormitory, hostel, lectures and research laboratory. Hence, we consider the demands of these facilities together with the university development plan to develop a university program such as upgrading the quality of electricity, water supplies, and improve the telecommunication system. Below are our services:

1. Dealing with the affairs of civil engineering, architecture, plumbing, electricity, air conditioners, elevators, the engineering drawings of new constructions, appraisal, bid, contract, supervision, and product acceptance.

2. The service, repair and maintenance of water supply, electrical distribution, telephone connection and phone operation for the whole school.

3. The maintenance of buildings and equipment according to the related regulations.

4. To execute the specific projects and budget of all the items on ‘buildings’, ‘other constructions’ and ‘other equipments’ that listed on the budget documents.

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